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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Break, still no calls :(

Spent my precious four days off hunting - well three of them anyway.  Saw plenty of deer but they were all on private land behind "no hunting" signs.


So the freezer remains empty of game, plenty of fish from the summer but little in the way of meat.  I'm going to look into buying some more bison or maybe going in on a beef.  We will see.

Little in the way of EMS going on around here either.  One call in the past few weeks and the volunteers took that one.  "The Beast" has not yet been on a run - came back from the big city with repairs done and is waiting to be kitted out for calls.  So there's that to do.

Looks like we will be getting a new rig as well up in the park!  Another Type I made it through the ranks and is being delivered.  So the shuffle begins.  With a total of 9 ambulances we need to look at mileage versus age.  The northern station needs a newer ambulance, so they are getting south's.  The new ambulance was delivered last week and needs to be outfitted completely - radio, antennas, striping, gear, you name it.  Since south's mileage is about half ours, they will might be getting Effie and we will kit out the new rig for either us or south station.

We need to get to work - fast.  The roads will close soon and we need to get the rig down to south ASAP.  I see long evenings ahead working on the new ambulance!

That said, we have class tonight, I have a make-up class tomorrow night, then class again Wednesday night.  We are studying for patient assessment practical & written exams (next week) so the stress level is ramping up once again.

Guess it's a good thing we don't have many calls.  I would be crazed.

More on pt assessment later...

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