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Thursday, November 10, 2011

On survival, and a new rig for the volunteers

I made it.  I survived.
Made it through another exam, helped teach the safety course, and collapsed after EMT class last night.  Got a 92% on the airway exam (again, couple stupid mistakes) so I think I can live with that.  

Should have learned by now that when I'm really exhausted I should just keep my mouth shut - 
Instructor: "What do you do when you have an unconscious trauma patient, unknown MOI or NOI, nothing you can find wrong?"  
Group: C-spine precautions.  
Instructor: "Yes, but what do you do?"
My brain: "Jaw thrust"
My mouth: "Head-tilt chin-lift"
Shut up, A. Ranger...

Moving on to patient assessment is a bit nerve-wracking.  My mind seems to blank out at all the wrong points.  I'm going to work on visualizing the process and I think that may help.  I cannot just sit and read a list or flow chart and pound that into my thick skull.  I have a bit of time this weekend so I will give that a go.

On to more exciting news, the village volunteers FINALLY got their new ambulance!  Given that it was supposed to be done over a year ago (that's not a typo) let's just say everyone was anxiously awaiting it's arrival.  In my truly weird style of giving autos their own moniker, I've nicknamed it "The Beast"
Rides to the local ED will be infinitely more comfortable than in their old ride (the van).  Unfortunately problems with the air ride and back-up cam have delayed launch of this new beauty.  Can't wait for the first run!

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